Getting around Prague


You can get around Prague with well-organised and affordable public transport. Whether it be metro, bus, tram or boat, all provide a comfortable and safe option for discovering the city and more.


The metro is the backbone of Prague public transport. Thanks to fast and reliable connections, it offers city residents and visitors an efficient option for getting around the whole city and easily reaching key places and sights.
Its network, which totals 65.2 km in length, consists of three lines marked by a letter and colour. These are lines A – green, B – yellow, and C – red, which start their routes at around 5:00 am and run until midnight.
The trains run at regular intervals: during the peaks every 2–4 minutes, at other times every 5–10 minutes. They stop at a total of 61 stations, of which three are transfer stations.


At 142 km, the tram network is one of the most extensive in Europe. With many lines branching off into various parts of the city, trams cover almost all the key areas of Prague.
The regular timetable and frequent connections on day lines 1–26 make it easy to get around the city.
Night service is covered by lines 91–99. These also provide passengers with a unique view of the illuminated historic centre and its beautiful sights.


Buses provide convenient access to the parts of the city where the metro and trams do not reach. The dense bus network primarily acts as a connecting service under Prague Integrated Public Transport.
Stops are spread throughout the whole city, with selected lines also connecting to the more remote parts of Prague and surrounding towns and villages.
Bus transport also includes night lines, which offer connections all around the city at intervals of 30–60 minutes.


Prague Integrated Public Transport also includes five ferries. These are operated on various parts of the Vltava river and serve as an additional transport option, primarily shortening the journey across the river.
These boat connections, most of which are run from April to October, are an especially popular alternative for tourists and visitors to Prague and an interesting way to see the city from different perspective.

Cable cars

Prague's two cable cars are also attractive for tourists. One leads up Petřín hill, the other transports passengers at Prague's zoo.
The funicular up Petřín is 510.4 m long and covers a height difference of 130 m.
With its two cars and three stops, it runs year-round, daily from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm at intervals of 10–15 minutes.

The chairlift at Prague Zoo is located inside the grounds and with a length of 105.9 m it is the shortest chairlift in the Czech Republic. It serves to connect the upper and lower parts of the zoo – the lowland gorilla pavilion and the Przewalski's horses. It operates from the end of March to 1 January. 

It is the duty of everyone who uses Prague public transport for getting around to have a properly stamped ticket with them. In the case of a ticket check, its stamped time must be shown to the ticket checker.

    • Adult 90 min. – CZK 40
    • Adult 30 min. – CZK 30
    • Adult 24 hrs – CZK 120
    • Adult 72 hrs – CZK 330
    • Children, students, seniors, disabled citizens + prices for suburban transport: information HERE

Special fare
    • The special AE (Airport Express) bus line: adult – CZK 100
More information HERE
    • Petřín funicular: 1 non-transfer ride – CZK 60
More information HERE

Where can I buy a ticket?
    • at DP Prague info centres or sales points in metro stations
    • at news stands
    • in ticket machines – located in all metro stations and selected surface transport stops
    • at the contact-free terminal – in every tram and most urban buses

Prague Visitor Pass

The Prague Visitor Pass not only serves as a ticket for historical sites, museums, galleries and other attractions, but also as an unlimited ticket on urban public transport, including transport to the airport and back.
Once activated, the Prague Visitor Pass is valid for 48, 72 or 120 hours.
More information on the benefits and prices HERE

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