Modern Prague

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Prague is not just a city that preserves its historical and cultural value. It is also open to modern trends and innovations that show the city in a different dynamic. This makes the Czech capital an interesting destination with a unique character for those looking for a combination of the old and new.

Sample Prague's rich modern artistic scene.

The Dancing House: modern architecture in motion

The Dancing Building is a jewel of modern architecture in the very heart of Prague ( It stands on the embankment Rašínovo nábřeží and was completed in 1996. Behind its creation was not only Czech architect, designer and urban planner of Croatian origin Vlado Milunić, but also the famous American architect Frank Gehry. 

The Dancing House has become an icon of modern architecture in the city, and aside from commercial space also features a gallery that regularly hosts exhibitions and presentations of modern art, also organising talks and workshops.

Villa Müller: the unique work of Adolf Loos

An important structure of functionalist architecture is Villa Müller in Střešovice (, which was designed by the famous German architect Adolf Loos. It was built in the years 1928–1930 for entrepreneur and industrialist František Müller. As a National Cultural Monument, today it attracts architecture enthusiasts from around the world.

Inside the villa, the public can peruse the permanent exhibit, which presents the luxurious First Republic residence of a family that was part of Prague's high society. Its significance and remarkable nature rightly rank it among the world's six most important villas of the 20th century.

DOX: Inspiration and reflections on contemporary society

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art ( is the largest independent institution focused on contemporary art in the Czech Republic. The centre was established in Prague's Holešovice neighbourhood on the site of a former factory and is particularly eye-catching for the giant airship affixed to the building's roof. 

DOX's rich programme includes exhibitions which, among other things, focus on current social, political and environmental problems, film screenings, theatre performances, workshops and other cultural events.

MeetFactory: a space for artwork and cultural experiments

MeetFactory ( is another unique artistic platform that offers direct contact with modern artists of all disciplines and opens up opportunities for establishing cooperation with representatives of international cultural institutions.

MeetFactory is located in an industrial building in Smíchov and attracts attention from afar with the two red cars hanging on its facade. The centre's programme is made up of four lines of programming: music, the galleries, theatre and the largest Czech studio programme for international artists – the artist residency programme.

Žižkov Tower: dominant feature of Prague with a view in all directions

Another symbol of modern Prague is the Žižkov Tower (, from whose observatory you can literally touch the sky. What's more, it provides a unique 360° view of the city, which you can admire both day and night. There are three thematically different cabins from which you can observe Prague.

The 216-metre-tall television transmitter representing the architecture of modern brutalism is one of Prague's dominant features and also the tallest structure in Prague. All of its spaces are appealing in their unorthodox style and modern design.


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