Prague City Hall

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Prague City Hall is formed by the Chief Executive of Prague City Hall and other employees of the City of Prague included in this body. The Chief Executive of Prague City Hall is the head of Prague City Hall and is superior to all employees of the City of Prague included in Prague City Hall.

In its autonomy, Prague City Hall performs tasks assigned by Prague City Assembly or Prague City Council.  

The organizational structure of Prague City Hall, including the names of the organizational units and the names of positions of department heads is set by the organizational rules.  The basic organizational units are departments, which are further divided into individual units. Secretariats of the members of Prague City Council are special organizational units.  For the performance and security of certain activities, departments can be integrated into higher organizational units.

Prague Contact Centre serves both Prague citizens and visitors to the capital city as the easiest link with Prague City Hall, individual city districts and city organizations. It helps them to handle various life situations and informs them about cultural, social and sports events held in the City of Prague. 

At present, Prague Contact Centre can be contacted by phone on 1244 (Monday- Thursday 8:00-18:00 h, Friday 8:00-16:00h) or anytime by e-mail at


New City Hall

The New City Hall is the seat of the Mayor of Prague, Prague City Council, political committees and clubs and some Prague City Hall departments. It is also where the City Assembly holds a public meeting every month. It was built between 1908 and 1911, designed by Osvald Polívka, and is decorated with sculptures by Ladislav Šaloun, Josef Mařatka and Stanislav Sucharda. An information centre is located on the ground floor and is open to the public, as are the main corridors. The rest of the building is closed to the public. Essential administrative functions take place in Škoda Palace.



Škoda Palace

The building, which was completed in 1926, designed by the architect Pavel Janák, originally served as the headquarters of the engineering company Škoda Works. After renovation works in 2006, most of Prague City Hall administration was moved to the palace. This is where, among many other services, citizens deal with identity cards, driving licences or Opencard. During office hours, citizens can also make use of the information centre and free children’s corner. For easiest communication with the City administration, citizens can visit the Public Service Unit at counters 12-20.

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