Autumn in Prague


The colours of autumn lend Prague a truly magical atmosphere. It is during this season that the Czech capital is at its most photogenic – thanks to the warm tones of the autumn sun, certain Prague buildings and monuments are even more beautiful than normal. The golden light and shadows produce dramatic scenes full of contrast that imprint photographs with a magnificent magical atmosphere.
The autumn months are also the most popular in Prague for lovers of culture, who can choose from a whole range of interesting events. Theatre premieres, openings of new exhibitions, and music and multi-genre festivals are a matter of course. And that's not all…
The traditional grape harvest is also an extraordinary experience in Prague, with several unique vineyards in the city that offer the opportunity to taste the wines they produce on this occasion. Another gastronomic symbol of autumn you can't find elsewhere in the world is the Feast of Saint Martin. Crispy roast goose with dumplings and cabbage paired with St Martin's wine (the first wine of the year) is on the menu at most restaurants. And that's hard to resist!
So set out for the vibrant whirlwind of autumnal Prague!

What are the top events offered by Prague in the autumn?

1) Dvořák Prague – A prestigious music festival named after the famous Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. Every year, excellent musicians and orchestras from around the world play in the gorgeous spaces of Prague's concert halls and historical buildings such as the Rudolfinum, State Opera and Municipal House.

2) Rudolf Firkušný Piano Festival – An important event in the field of piano music. Every year, the festival brings exceptional pianists from around the world, who perform works of both classical and modern music at solo piano recitals, chamber concerts and concerts with an orchestra.

3) Strings of Autumn – One of the most important music festivals in Prague. Every year it offers a diverse programme in which various musical genres and artistic disciplines intertwine. The festival includes classical concerts, jazz performances, experimental projects and much more. The Strings of Autumn prides itself on bringing together music and other art forms, such as dance performances, theatre elements and visual projections. This adds to the unique atmosphere and overall artistic experience.

4) The international festival of contemporary art 4+4 Days in Motion promises cultural adrenaline every year, with the goal of presenting innovative contemporary theatre projects. A specific aspect of this event, which regularly hosts ensembles from around the world, is using theatre to breathe life into non-traditional works of Prague architecture.

5) Designblok is the largest design and fashion show in Central Europe, an international festival where visitors have the opportunity to see original and inspiring works by Czech and international designers. The festival celebrates creativity, talent and excellence in the field of design. It is also a place for sharing ideas, making contacts and supporting dialogue, not only among professionals, but also with the general public.

6) Signal Festival – An international festival of digital and creative culture which transforms the city's public space into a unique world of colours and light through fascinating light projections, installations and interactive art.

7) The pumpkin is one of the symbols of autumn. Anyone who has an interest in these beauties should therefore not miss the traditional pumpkin exhibition at the City of Prague Botanical Garden. Every year there are over a hundred different types on display here – green, orange, yellow, small, large, gigantic, round, oval, well-known and unknown, with all kinds of surface structures... The exhibition has a different theme and original arrangements every year, so visitors always have something to look at. 

8) State holiday celebrations – The day an independent Czechoslovakia was formed (28 October 1918). On this day, visitors have a quite unique opportunity to view the interiors of institutions and spaces that are closed to the public for most of the year. Thus one can see for example the Senate, the premises of Liechtenstein Palace, the Prague Mayor's Residence, the Škoda Lounges at Škoda Palace... A great number of Prague museums and galleries also open their doors to visitors for free or a symbolic entrance fee on this day.

9) After the hot summer days, theatres also kick off their new seasons and many of them also target foreign audiences. They offer performances featuring English subtitles or even plays that are already in English. These include, for example, the National Theatre (, Švandovo divadlo (, Prague City Theatres (, Dejvické divadlo (, Divadlo Na zábradlí ( 

10) Another traditional autumn event is the grape harvest, a celebration of the year-long work of winemakers. The grape harvest not only includes tasting of burčák (a seasonal drink of tasty partially fermented grape juice) and young wine, but also a rich cultural programme. It is celebrated at various places in Prague, the best known being the Vinohrady Grape Harvest, Troja Grape Harvest, Grave Harvest at the Prague Castle and the St Claire's Grape Harvest. 

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