Spring in Prague


It is said that the stony beauty of Prague comes to life in this period. Blooming historical gardens, parks and streets bursting with colour, and pleasant weather all draw people out to take walks and attend interesting outdoor events. Everyone can find something for them. The Prague cultural scene offers concerts, theatre performances, festivals and exhibitions on the city's rich history and artistic production. For fans of sport there is a marathon or the traditional rowing races on the Vltava.

Experience Prague's authentic atmosphere outside the main tourist season. 

What are the top events that Prague in springtime offers?

1) The international festival Prague Spring is a highly anticipated event every year. It is one of the most important and respected celebrations of classical music in the world, traditionally kicked off with the cycle of symphonic poems by Bedřich Smetana, "Má vlast". Prague Spring is also known for its high artistic standards and attracts renowned musicians, conductors and orchestras from around the world, regularly offering listeners not only works by classical masters, but also modern compositions by contemporary composers.

2) The international multi-genre music festival United Islands of Prague enriches the domestic cultural scene with new impulses. This event, which focuses on presenting the best discoveries of the domestic and international scene, brings the centre of our capital to life every year. It also offers audiences a rich accompanying programme with the title Islands of Inspiration on the topic of Sustainability, Diversity and Freedom.

3) A large and important event that takes place in Prague in the spring is the international festival Khamoro, the main idea of which is to connect the Roma minority and the majority through art. The festival programme includes concerts by Roma bands from around the world, exhibitions, film screenings, theatre performances, public readings, as well as dance workshops and professional conferences. It is regularly attended by approximately 10 000 people from the Czech Republic and abroad.

4) The annual Prague Museum Night belongs to museums and galleries. It has a tradition all around Europe and is also popular in the Czech capital, where it offers people the opportunity to explore our cultural history in a slightly different light and unique atmosphere – at night. Aside from unorthodox night-time tours of their exhibitions, participating museums also prepare a rich accompanying programme in the form of concerts, theatre performances and film screenings, workshops, art workshops, competitions, talks, tastings and other special events.

5) The largest architectural event Prague offers in the spring is Open House. The project's motto is Architecture for All and it is part of the international network of festivals Open House Worldwide, which takes place in over 45 of the world's cities. This event opens up over a hundred buildings and spaces to the public all around the capital that people would otherwise have very little chance to see. Visitors can thus explore business headquarters, public offices and modern technical buildings, historic palaces, luxurious villas, modern office complexes and train stations.

6) The Prague International Marathon numbers among the most prestigious races in Central Europe and starts and ends in the very heart of Prague. Every year it attracts more than ten thousand runners, including the world's elite athletes. The marathon thus not only offers a sporting challenge, but also the opportunity to explore the beauty of Prague, as its route primarily runs through the city's historic centre. The marathon weekend also includes any number of side runs for the public.

7) Another of Prague's important events is the rowing race entitled Primátorky. It runs on the Vltava and is the best known event of its type in the Czech Republic. Unlike most rowing races, only the eights and skiff disciplines are run at Primátorky, with the most prestigious and attractive discipline being the men's eights.

8) Earth Day traditionally falls on 22 April. Every year, this day draws attention to ecological threats and teaches people to recycle and treat the environment responsibly. There are a number of interesting events in various parts of Prague that tie in to Earth Day, which originated in the United States in 1970. 

9) The Night of Churches is another popular spring event. Not just in Prague but all around the country, churches open up at a unconventional time – in the evening and at night. Visitors can thus take a look at towers, sacristies, chapels, cloisters, monastery refectories and gardens, places that are usually only accessible during religious services or are not intended for the general public at all.

10) The holidays of spring include Easter, and with it the traditional Easter Markets that are one of the most beautiful and popular events. Many of Prague's squares are taken over by markets, where visitors can buy painted eggs, Easter decorations, various handmade ceramic and wooden items, as well as goodies such as lamb cake, Christmas cake, a Czech cake-sized variation on the hot cross bun, Czech gingerbread and other delicacies. The markets also feature live music, dance performances, folk entertainment and demonstrations of traditional customs.

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