Who we are

Prague City Hall Heritage Department (PCH-HD) is a relevant executive body of the first instance in State monument care in the City of Prague. It performs administrative proceedings in the given area. In particular, it issues binding opinions – decisions to modify cultural monuments or real estates in monument protected areas (S. 14 (1, 2) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll., On State Monument Care, as amended). It also issues written expert opinions to other activities that are of interest to the protection of cultural monuments (billboard advertising, advertising on shop windows, pavement restaurants, etc.).

The Building Office, in proceedings concerning building permits, modifications of buildings and maintenance works, performed in connection to modifications of the area where the State monument care interest applies or in connection to the renewal of an immovable cultural monument or a building, modification of a building or maintenance works on a real estate, decides only in accordance with the binding opinion issued by PCH-HD; the same applies, if it concerns a small building, small modifications of a building or maintenance work on a real estate performed on the basis of a notification (S. 14 (4, 5) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll., On State Monument Care, as amended).

In case of an application for an occupancy permit procedure, a document on performed archaeological research must be required where such conditions were set by PCH-HD (S. 22 (1, 2) of Act No. 20/1987 Sb., On State Monument Care, as amended).

If the Building Office decides on the removal of a listed building, it shall procure (pursuant to Act No. 183/2006, On Town and Country Planning and Building Code, as amended) a prior written consent (expert opinion) from the competent body of State monument care, i.e. PCH-HD.

 Head of the Heritage Department: Mgr. Jiří Skalický.