Tourism Portal

Welcome to the Tourism Portal, intended primarily for those involved in tourism professionally or who are interested in its development in our capital city. The portal publishes important information and current initiatives in this sphere.

The City of Prague is the largest and most important urban heritage reserve in the Czech Republic. Prague's historic core has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992. Thanks to the city's cultural and historical qualities, it has long been the country's most heavily visited city, especially by foreign tourists.

The city makes considerable efforts to promote Prague abroad and to bolster its position among the cities of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of tourism. The fundamental pillars of the inbound tourism concept have however changed. In the recent past, Prague has not been immune to the phenomenon of "overtourism", which also afflicts many other important tourist locations in Europe and the world. Although the COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary halt to this negative trend, the city wants to continue to focus on creating an environment for developing sustainable tourism, motivating visitors to stay for longer instead of seeking to constantly increase the number of tourists, spreading visitors to areas outside of the historic centre and periods outside the main tourist season, and promoting domestic tourism. In the spirit of the adopted concept, the city financially supports major congress events that raise Prague's prestige at a global level, events that take place outside the historic centre and outside the main tourist seasons, and events with the potential to motivate interest in Prague among culturally oriented visitors. Another important priority is aligning the interests of tourism stakeholders with those of local inhabitants, not just through overall cultivation of the environment in this area, but also by eliminating the negative impact of tourism on the city and its inhabitants.

The city collaborates closely with the destination company Prague City Tourism, which provides for the city's marketing activities in the field of inbound tourism while also providing information about the city for both residents and visitors, alongside many other services. On its website you can find everything a domestic or foreign tourist needs for their stay in Prague and its immediate surroundings, including options for accommodations, dining and cultural activities.