Summer in Prague


Summertime Prague is a true paradise for visitors – it offers countless options on how to enjoy time spent in the heart of Europe to the maximum.
Walks through the historic centre, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, are sure not to disappoint, but historic stories are also hidden in many other spots in various districts of Prague. It is not for nothing that Prague was voted the most beautiful city on the planet in the prestigious survey by Time Out magazine in 2021, edging out cities such as Paris, New York, Chicago and Rome…
Summer in Prague offers a broad array of options, not just for leisure, but also sports activities and cultural goings-on that will speak to visitors of all tastes and interests. 
Experience an unforgettable summer in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


What top experiences does summertime Prague offer?

1) Every year in the summer, Prague fills with the sound of the international festival Prague Proms. It was the Czech National Symphony Orchestra that initiated this musical showcase, following the example of the promenade concerts of London's BBC Proms in wanting to have a similar prestigious "full stop" to top off its season. Thus Prague Proms was born, making a point of high quality from its very inception and regularly hosting exceptional domestic and international artists in classical music, jazz and crossover. One of the most attractive concerts is Hollywood Night, which every year brings together film and music enthusiasts not only from the Czech Republic, but from other parts of the world as well.

2) The Summer Shakespeare Festival promises audiences unrivalled experiences full of emotion, humour, passion and love. The festival can pride itself in several firsts – it is the oldest and largest open-air theatre showcase in Europe focused on the plays of one of the greatest classics, William Shakespeare. Moreover, the performances take place in one of the most magical places in Prague – the courtyard of the Supreme Burgrave's House at Prague Castle. In addition to domestic attendees, this atmosphere full of magic and romance can also be enjoyed by foreign visitors – the festival includes performances in English as presented by the Prague Shakespeare Company.

3) A stalwart of the summer holidays in Prague is the Summer Festivities of Early Music. This prestigious international event not only offers a perfect musical experience, but is also a great sight to behold, with musical performers playing on originals or copies of historical instruments. Period costumes, original choreography, Baroque gestures, rhetoric and make-up are also part of the festival.

4) Every year, the festival At the Door brings the best of Czech and international street theatre to Prague. Diverse performances by acrobats, musicians, performers and actors from all corners of the world offer up a true spectacle thanks to the unconventional format aimed at being as close as possible to the audience.

5) Folklore lovers are sure to appreciate Prague Folklore Days – a festival that is the largest folk dance event in Central Europe. It regularly features ensembles not only from the countries of Europe, but also Africa and Asia. This event provides visitors with the opportunity to discover and enjoy the diverse wealth and beauty of folklore traditions from around the world.

6) Fans of organ music should be sure not to miss one of the concerts of the International Organ Festival. Every evening of music in this series of unique concerts by the world's leading organists taking place in Prague's St James Basilica is unforgettable, as the instrument the musicians play on is an absolute treasure. It is the largest organ in Prague and the second-largest in the Czech Republic, having 91 speaking stops and 8 277 pipes. Its sound thus fills every last nook of the basilica and concert-goers leave enriched by an immaculate musical experience.

7) Every summer, Letná Park fills with the international festival of new circus and contemporary art Letní Letná. This event regularly brings international stars to Prague, and their diverse range of performances, from acrobatics and juggling to theatre productions and performances, provide audiences with a truly extraordinary spectacle. 

8) The sculpture festival Sculpture Line  is a fascinating artistic experience. The goal of this artistic project is to liven up and enrich the public space, granting familiar places and other picturesque nooks a new face, telling a story and injecting new emotions. It also aims to offer a new perspective on the works of art themselves, the authors of which are renowned artists from around the world. Sculptural installations of various sizes, materials and styles are installed in parks, on squares, embankments, and courtyards of historical buildings, which lends the festival a unique atmosphere.

 9) For sports enthusiasts looking for excitement and suspense, Prague offers the traditional women's tennis event Livesport Prague Open. This tournament is part of the professional tennis circuit and attracts top players from around the world, who fight for the title and points in the WTA ranking. At Livesport Prague Open, tennis fans thus have the opportunity to watch high quality matches in both singles and doubles. 

10) Before the end of summer, Prague regularly plays host to a unique event – Prague Harley Days, a three-day meeting with gorgeous motorcycles, including a ride through the city, high-adrenaline FMX show, boxing, live music, cooking shows, talk shows, beer, dance shows, burgers and fun for the whole family.

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